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Child Endangerment Attorney Temecula, CA Chehaw, GA

California law is very strict in matters involving protection of children. Considering children are vulnerable societal members, they deserve care, consideration and protection. Endangering a child’s welfare might not always add up to child abuse, but it is still a severe charge that carries severe penalties.

There are several situations that might result to one being prosecuted with child endangerment charges. However, in many incidents accusations are founded on miscommunication where a defendant had totally no control over the circumstances or in other cases outright false accusations. Sadly, this will not stop the prosecutor from proceeding with their case. To fight such charges, it is imperative that you get an understanding and aggressive defense lawyer on your side.

At Robert E. Levy, we understand that it is very important that a person charged with a child endangerment crime does not suffer wrongful conviction and that they have their rights protected. If you are a caregiver or a parent charged with child endangerment, you need to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to get a better understanding of your lawful rights and options.

Child Endangerment in Chehaw

Child Endangerment Penalties and Sentencing in Chehaw

Child endangerment can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanour. If charged as a misdemeanour, the punishment can be up to one year in county jail. However, if child endangerment is charged as a felony, the penalty is 2 years, 4 years or 6 years in a state prison.

Child Endangerment Probation Temecula, CA Chehaw

As a result of the seriousness associated with child endangerment and the severe penalties related to this crime under California law, the probation of persons found guilty of this offense contains a number of unique conditions. In case probation is granted in a child endangerment case, it includes:

  • A compulsory minimum probation period of 48 months
  • A shielding order protecting the defendant from further threats or violent acts, which might include stay-away conditions or residence exclusions
  • A minimum one year in a certified treatment program for child abusers. In certain cases where the crime was committed while the defendant was under alcohol/drug influence, they have to abstain from these substances during the probation period and may be subjected to drug testing randomly. However, some or every single one of these probation conditions might be dropped in case it is determined that they will not be in favor of justice.
Child Endangerment Attorney in Chehaw

Child Endangerment Defense Attorney Temecula, CAChehaw, GA

An experienced attorney will come up with effective defense for the charges facing you. The lawyer may argue that the act was unintentional. He could say the parent implemented their right to discipline the child. Additionally, the attorney could argue that the defendant was accused falsely. Finally, the attorney could argue that although the child was somehow endangered or injured, the accused was not culpable.

If you or your loved ones are faced with child endangerment charges, feel free to contact experienced criminal defense attorney Robert E. Levy for a comprehensive consultation. Robert E. Levy will make sure that your voice is heard and your legal rights protected. Remember, having a good attorney makes the whole difference in your case.

Child Endangerment Penalties in Chehaw