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Charged with Arson

Charged with Arson in Chokee, GA

Arson is a very serious crime in because of its damaging and regularly deadly nature. California law defines arson as willful and malevolent burning of property. There are various types of arson offenses defined by California state law but many of them involve allegations of serious property damage, injuries as well as loss of life. In California, arson is often treated as a felony, meaning its penalties are brutal and include hefty monetary fines, lifetime listing as an arsonist and jail time. However, depending on the circumstances and facts of your case, your charges might be considered a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

California police officers and prosecutors are not at all lenient when pursuing accusations against a person suspected of arson. If convicted of this crime, you are likely to be subjected to lasting and hefty penalties. For this reason, it is essential that you quickly find the best attorney to protect you in court. The Robert E. Levy will certainly provide you with determined and skilled legal representation if you find yourself accused of this crime.

Charged with Arson in Chokee, GA

Chokee, GA Sentencing for Arson

Although arson is already exposed to strict penalties under California law, the punishments can be increased further if the fire results to an excessive degree of damage. An extra three, four or five year enhancement might be added if:

  • The accused have been previously charged with arson
  • The fire leads to great bodily damage to emergency personnel like a firefighter
  • Multiple structures are set on fire during the incident
  • More victims than one suffer great bodily damages in the fire

Additionally, under the California Penal Code Section 451.5, the offenses can be termed “aggravated arson” if the defendant was convicted of at least 1 arson offense in the last ten years. The fire led to property damages or losses valued at not less than 5,650,000 dollars, or 5 or more occupied structures are destroyed. Aggravated arson might lead to a jail time from ten years to life imprisonment with parole not entitled until one has served for ten years.

Arson Offenses in Chokee, GA

Arson Defense Attorney in Chokee, GA

The prosecution, as in all cases, has to prove that the offense happened and the accused committed it. To have a defendant convicted of arson in Chokee, GA, the prosecution has to verify that the defendant committed the act on purpose or wilfully. It has to be established that the accused committed the act maliciously with the intention to commit an illegal act to annoy, defraud or injure another person. Such charges are severe but can be defended against effectively by an expert criminal defense lawyer.

If you or someone you love is charged with arson, please get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Robert E. Levy to get more information concerning the defense of your charges. Robert E. Levy will put his wide-ranging knowledge, experience plus resources to work for you and assist you to get the best probable outcome in the case. Remember, the prosecution will work effortlessly to see you get a conviction and it is for this reason that you require the counsel of someone with experience in such cases to avoid the severe penalties associated with arson.

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