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About Robert E. Levy

Robert E. Levy is one of the most experienced criminal attorneys in the State of California. He has practiced criminal law for over 46 years having served as a Deputy District Attorney, Deputy City Prosecutor, Deputy Public Defender and years in private practice as a criminal defense attorney. He has tried over 100 major felony jury trials. His experience in negotiating with prosecuting attorneys is unrivaled in that his own experience as a prosecutor gives him a unique insight into the mind of the prosecutors allowing him the get the best possible results for the case. Because of his experience as a trial attorney he is capable of pushing your case to the limit and exhausting all possible defenses including discovery motions, search and seizure motions, police conduct histories and witness impeachment.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Five Points, GA


In the 1920’s, my family emigrated from Russia to escape the revolution leaving a prosperous and secure life behind and only speaking Russian, arriving on Ellis Island in New York in the hope of a new life of freedom and opportunity. My father in his youth rode motorcycles, “the iconic Indian Chief” across the United States as well as traveling in freight cars. With only an eighth grade education he succeeded in living the American dream owning property and raising a family.

My grandparents owned a small New York grocery store and my uncle owned a clothing factory. The fearless pursuit of their destiny and dreams has been a benchmark guideline for goals that I have set for myself. “Success is not always guaranteed but failure is assured without effort”.

After moving to California, I attended the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California Hastings College of the Law. I began the practice of law in Oakland, California as a personal injury attorney. A pro-bono representation of one of my civil law clients who was charged with resisting arrest resulted in my first criminal jury trial. Even with evidence well in favor of the District Attorney I was able to achieve a hung jury with an eventual dismissal of all charges. From that point on I realized that my strength and talent as an attorney was in the court-room.

Criminal Law in Five Points, GA


As a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney I have tried over 100 major felony trials. In one two-year period of my 27 years with the office in the Long Beach jurisdiction I tried 25 felony trials with 23 of them resulting in conviction.

For 7 years I was the head of the Long Beach Juvenile Division. As head of the office, I took it upon myself to take to trial all major juvenile murder cases. Several of these were murders of senior citizens past the age of 80 followed by arson“burning of the residence” to conceal the crime. All of these cases resulted in conviction. Coverage of these cases were reported on the front page of the Long Beach Press Telegram.

As a criminal defense attorney in Palm Desert, I represented a bank executive charged with three other defendants charged with a check kiting scheme with over six million dollars of loss. This case was widely reported in the desert community papers in that the defendant brothers owned several car dealerships in the community. My client’s family sought representation by prominent Los Angeles Attorneys who wanted $100,000 fees for representation. I took the case for an affordable fee and obtained prior to trial a dismissal of all charges with a finding of factual innocence and a destruction and sealing of the arrest records. All others charged were later convicted or pled to state prison sentences.

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My experience as a long time deputy district attorney allowed me to understand the mindset of the prosecution and how to approach the case for maximum results. I was able to enlist the services of a former homicide detective who was a certified polygraph examiner who established that my client was truthful in her claim of innocence. In an almost unheard of procedure, the district attorney used the services of a state polygraph examiner to confirm the results and used that as well as a case summary that my client prepared with my assistance as a basis for his motion to dismiss.

I have lectured as an expert in California Juvenile law at the Los Angeles Police Academy, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Academy, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s training seminars and the California Continuing Education of the Bar programs. I have also contributed to the Continuing Education of the Bar publications on juvenile law and procedure.

As part of my duties as advisor to police departments, when I was the head of the Long Beach Juvenile Division I wrote the law enforcement juvenile questionnaire format to qualify an under the age of 14 juvenile suspect’s understanding of right and wrong in order to allow him to be prosecuted for crimes. This format is still used by the Long Beach Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department.

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