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Possession of Stolen Property

Possession of Stolen Property in Five Points, GA

Under California law, it is a crime to buy, posses, hide, withhold or sell any property or item that is obtained by deceit or is stolen. If you are convicted of possession of stolen property in Five Points, the consequences can be brutal depending on the property’s value and the conditions of the case. Nonetheless, it should be noted that simply because you are facing possession of stolen property charges, you might not be automatically convicted. Several of these charges might come from false information or a misunderstanding. There are some cases where the accused are unaware that the property in their possession is stolen. In spite of the circumstances surrounding your case, it is critical to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will guide you through the process to get the charges facing you reduced or dropped all together.

Possession of Stolen Property in Five Points, GA

Possession of Stolen Property Penalty in Five Points, GA

According to the California law, (California Penal Code Section 496 (a)), all people who buy or receive any assets that have been stolen or that have been acquired in a manner constituting to extortion or theft, with knowledge that the property is stolen, or withholds, conceals, sells, or helps in selling, concealing, or withholding any assets from the rightful owner, aware that the property is stolen, is punishable by incarceration in a state detention center, or a county prison for a period not exceeding 1 year.

This section also states that if the jury or the prosecutor finds out that property’s value is not more than 950 US dollars, the offense then becomes a misdemeanor, which subjects the defendant to up to 1-year custody in a county prison.

What the Prosecutor Must Prove

To establish that the defendant possesses the stolen property under consideration, the prosecutor has to provide evidence confirming that:

  • The property or item was stolen
  • The accused received the stolen item or property under discussion
  • The defendant was aware that the property was stolen, maybe through burglary, robbery, theft, embezzlement or fraud.

Possession of the property or item in Five Points means physically owning the property. Nonetheless, you can be culpable of owning stolen property provided that you possess and control it. For instance, although you might not be driving a stolen car, if you have it in your business or home, you still have possession of it.

Possession of Stolen Property Charges in Five Points

Possession of Stolen Property Defense Attorney in Five Points

There are numerous defenses in Five Points that can be presented by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Mistake of fact is one of the possible defense. For instance, if you buy an item or property and you are not aware that the property is stolen, you cannot be declared guilty of owning stolen property. Besides, you cannot be convicted if you were unaware of your possession of stolen property. A good example is an event where someone puts the item or property in your car or home without your knowledge.

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Possession of Stolen Property Defense Attorney in Five Points