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Arrest Warrant Attorney in Five Points, GA

Many people fail to realize that fleeing from the law when accused of a crime worsens their situation and makes the penalties more serious. When a warrant is issued for your arrest, criminal charges have already been filed against you and the judge has been convinced by the investigating officer to sign a warrant permitting any police officer to take you into custody so that you can answer the accusations against you. Also, it can be the judge’s decision to issue an arrest warrant if you do not appear for a court proceeding that you have been demanded to attend. If there is a warrant for your arrest, it is advisable to seek the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Five Points, GA rather than trying to escape the law.

What is a Warrant?

A warrant refers to a court order giving authority to law enforcement officers to look for the defendant and arrest them. A judge will regularly give an arrest warrant after a grand jury condemnation or after an investigator for a prosecuting agency or police officer provides them with a “probable cause declaration”. The prosecuting agency could be a District Attorney’s office or a City Attorney’s office.

In California, officers can arrest suspects for committing an offense, with a warrant or not. Frequently, arrests without warrants might be made at crime scenes when a police officer has a “probable cause” for arrest based on witness statements as well as direct observations by the officer at the scene. Nonetheless, many arrests came afterwards. In most cases, officers have to conduct a criminal investigation then request a magistrate or judge to issue a warrant.

Arrest Warrant Attorney in Five Points, GA

What Makes a Warrant Valid in Five Points, GA?

According to California Penal Code Section 815, there are several things that must be included in a warrant for it to be valid. They are:

  • The defendant’s name
  • The offense the defendant is alleged of committing
  • The time and date at which the warrant was issued
  • The county or state where the warrant was issued
  • The title as well as signature of the judge or magistrate who issued it
  • The court where the warrant was issued

In case the document has any of these things is missing, the arrest might be considered unlawful and the status of your case might be altered in your favor.

Arrest Warrant in Five Points, GA

Defense Attorney in Five Points, GA

Fleeing from the law when you are aware that the authorities are seeking you will cause you to be termed an escapee from justice. However, if you were not aware that such a warrant exists, you cannot be considered to be escaping from the law. But this has to be confirmed to the authorities so as to keep such allegations from being attached to the one for which you are being sought.

If you or someone you love is faced with an arrest warrant or you are anxious about the penalty of these warrants, please get in touch with Robert E. Levy. Our experienced and aggressive legal team under the capable leadership of Robert E. Levy will answer all your queries and work thoroughly to clear these warrants and assist you to avoid severe penalties.

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