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Charged with Trespassing

Charged with Trespassing in Five Points, GA

Under California law, trespassing is defined as the act of going into another person’s property without the right or permission to do so. There are some circumstances that could lead to this. You can be accused of trespassing as a result of a misunderstanding with the owner of the property or security agents on a particular property or land. If you or someone close to you is faced with trespassing charges, it is crucial to understand the laws relating to these charges. Getting the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney is advisable to fight these charges. Robert E. Levy is an attorney who will help make the process of fighting trespassing charges against you less stressful.

Trespassing Laws

Under California Penal Code Section 602 (h) it is unlawful to get into buildings or lands that belong to another person without permission by the owner or the legal occupant. A person should not get into another individual’s property that has signs forbidding trespass. Marks, signs or fences meant to show the limits and boundaries of other people’s property or lands should be respected. Going past these warnings or fences could cost you trespassing charges.

The California trespassing laws forbids various acts which include: entering another person’s property intending to intrude or obstruct business activities being carried out there; entering the property intending to cause damages; declining to leave the premises or property even after you have been requested to do so; and occupying or entering the property without permission from the owner.

Charged with Trespassing in Five Points, GA

Five Points, GA Trespassing Defense

In many instances, people get charged with trespassing wrongfully even when they did not have the intention of trespassing or infringing the law. In case you find yourself in such a situation, make sure you get an experienced trespassing defense attorney to help you. The lawyer will present several legal defenses that may help get these charges against you reduced or dismissed.

If you had prior permission from someone to be on the property or had been there rightfully, you cannot be accused of trespassing. If you had no intention to cause damage to the property or land, you could not be accused of trespass. In case the Five Points, GA property did not have the “no trespassing” signs and you were not aware you should not get into the property, a criminal trespass charge cannot be filed against you.

In addition, there are other possible defenses to trespass charges, which include your constitutional rights since they relate to freedom of speech and right of assembly in a peaceful way to protest. The law, through trespassing laws, seeks to protect the rights of property owners to live and carry out business on their property.

Accused of Trespassing in Five Points, GA

Trespassing Attorney in Five Points, GA

If you or even a loved one is charged with trespass, get in touch with experienced criminal defense attorney Robert E. Levy to help you. Our firm will do everything necessary to protect your constitutional and legal rights, and work thoroughly to have these charges against you reduced or dismissed. With extensive experience in criminal defense, Robert E. Levy in Five Points, GA will make sure that these charges are fought with professional knowledge to avoid severe penalties or reduce charges.

Trespassing Laws in Five Points, GA