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Probation Violation

Probation Violation in Laurens Hill, GA

Probation violations cause a serious danger to the freedom of the defendant and can result to fines, jail time, added probation time as well as additional probation requirements. Instead of being locked up, a judge might order probation time for either criminal offenses or misdemeanor. Common terms of probation may include; employment requirements, random drug testing, avoiding any form of contact with the victim, curfew, paying fines plus court costs, avoiding any contact with co-accused, payment of restitution, frequent appointments with your probation officer, and attending educational or authorized programs.

Consequences of Probation Violation

The judge might impose some restrictions as part of the probation order, and violation of those terms could have severe consequences. Violating probation in Laurens Hill, GA not only puts you at a risk of being locked up but also might cause you to be sentenced to jail time on your original charge.

Attorney Robert E. Levy has represented many clients faced with probation violation cases throughout the state of California. Remember, you do not even have to commit an offense to face probation violations; violating a curfew or failing to show up for an appointment with your probation officer may be adequate to cause a major jail sentence.

Probation Violation in Laurens Hill, GA

Elements of Probation

It is important to engage the services of a qualified lawyer in Laurens Hill, GA to help you structure your probation in a manner that will help you adhere to the conditions successfully. However, if you are accused of committing a probation violation, it is critical that you get the help of an experienced lawyer. Do not be surprised to find out that some defendants have wasted many years on probation, and in some cases even in jail, due to probation violations following probation on a fairly minor charge. Some defendants who have experience with the criminal justice system will prefer to serve a jail time to attempting to complete a long probation period.

Agreeing to probation comes with its shortcomings as you will give up a considerable amount of your freedom, accepting restitution payment plans as well as random drug testing. You also may give up your right to freedom from seizure and unreasonable search since probation officers could be authorized to carry out unnecessary searches of your car or home at any time, night or day. They might even pay you a visit at work.

Probation turns your life over to the criminal justice system. Every now and then defendants face outright harassment or unreasonable demands by probation department employees or the probation officers themselves.

Probation Violation Attorney in Laurens Hill, GA

At Robert E. Levy, we understand the issues people face as they try their best to comply with probation terms; therefore, we will tirelessly defend your rights. With our help, you might even come up with a way of modifying your probation terms or we may take other actions to assist you remain with your freedom and avoid additional probation violations until you free yourself from probation restrictions. If you are facing probation violation charges, contact The Robert E. Levy to get all the help you require with your case.

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