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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Tweed, GA

Domestic violence cases in Tweed are often accompanied with embarrassment, anger and frustration. Frequently, such charges are filed in the course of pending divorce or custody battle and in most cases they are unwarranted. If you or your family member is charged with domestic violence, you should seek legal help from an experienced defense attorney immediately so that they can start preparing your defense. At The Levy Law Firm, we have an established track record of effectively handling these cases. Using our experience, we will do everything to get the best possible outcome.

Sadly, domestic assault allegations are mostly made by angry spouses who exaggerate the fact to the authorities. These false accusations of spousal battery or child abuse are frequently made to stand a better chance in child custody disagreement or due to recently discovered infidelity. Although that spouse may later regret having made that call to the police, there is nothing the alleged offender can do in case the prosecutor chooses to press charges.

Charged with Domestic Violence in Tweed, GA

Domestic Violence Charge Penalties in Tweed

Whether charged as a misdemeanor or felony, domestic violence accusations are serious and can result to an immediate expulsion from your home (if the case involves restraining orders), job loss, loss of reputation, strained relationships with loved ones and inability to see your kids. Besides, a domestic violence conviction will prohibit you from carrying or owning a firearm and prevent you from getting or retaining some jobs. These are some of the consequences of a domestic violence allegation, making it critical to contact a qualified lawyer to start working on your defense immediately you face these charges.

If you are convicted of domestic violence, the penalty is severe and includes:

  • Heavy fines
  • Loss of custody of your kids
  • Jail time
  • Immigration penalties for non-citizens can include deportation
Legal Help in Tweed, GA

Charged with Domestic Violence

Since domestic violence cases have very severe penalties, it is important that you get the services of an experienced lawyer immediately you find yourself in this situation. This professional will give you the best representation for the best possible outcome and make sure that all your rights are protected. There are many lawyers to choose from, but you have to be careful to settle for only the best. Check the experience, qualification and licensing of a lawyer before hiring them. Remember, challenging restraining orders are followed by strict time limits thus the need to engage an attorney immediately you are faced with these charges. Once in place, a restraining order might make it impossible for you to return home or visit your children throughout the domestic violence case period.

From the moment you hire lawyer Robert E. Levy, your case will start to be investigated immediately to get exculpatory evidence. This could lead to the prosecutor not even going ahead with the filing of charges against you.

A brief outline of how we will defend you:

  • Seek to have the case dismissed
  • Look into your case
  • Interview witnesses
  • Look for exculpatory evidence
  • Have motions to suppress evidence filed
  • Negotiate a good deal with the district attorney
  • Go to trial (if needed)
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