Should I Use A Bail Bondsman?

My family member is in jail on a serious felony charge. His bail is $100,000. Should I bail him out and pay the bail bondsman $10,000? He doesn’t want to be in jail.
Nobody wants to be in jail and it certainly is a fearful and uncomfortable place. However, I always recommend to clients that they do not spend the money for bail.
The reality of life is that when someone is arrested there is evidence of some crime. Even if there is a defense to the crime charged and there is a conviction or a plea bargain for a lesser offense these charges may carry jail time as a penalty. While in jail a person gets credit for the time he is serving against the ultimate sentence. He will also get one for one credit which means that he is actually doing half time.
Additionally the time served in jail is a bargaining tool for a reduction in sentence by way of a plea bargain. Contrary to movie or television dramatizations nearly all criminal cases are settled before trial by plea agreements.