I Want To Plead Guilty Because I Have No Defense. Why Do I Need An Attorney?

Most people do not understand that even a misdemeanor or an infraction that shows up on your record can affect future employment and licensing.
For example, let us suppose that you are out on the town and have been drinking. You have left the club and are in need of a restroom and there are no public facilities around. You relieve yourself on the beach or in what you think is private and you are cited for a municipal code violation for urinating in public. This might carry a $50 fine and you want to plead guilty.
This could be considered a crime of moral turpitude just the same as lewd exposure or prostitution. It is important to get that charge changed to even a disturbing the peace charge for the same penalty. Disturbing the peace is not a crime of moral turpitude even as a misdemeanor and will not affect job or licensing.
Even what appears to be minimal charge can have long terms consequences. An experienced criminal defense attorney can advise you and take steps to reduce the charges and preserve your future.